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Studio 34, Coldharbour Studios, 26-34 Southwell Road
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 787 945 8028

The plaful magazine that sees objects differently.

Published twice a year, each issue has over 150 pages of colourful illustration, intelligent comics and contagious trivia.


AMUSEUM IS CRAMMED with EXCLUSIVE content from the sublime to the ridiculous.

WE take a playful look at objects to find FASCINATING stories about culture, design, history, science and art.

PUBLISHED TWICE A YEAR, Each issue has over 100 pages of Colourful illustration, intelligent comics and contagious trivia.

printed on the finest uncoated paper; Keep it in your bag for a quick dip on your morning commute, or stuff it into your suitcase for a slow flick on an INTERNATIONAL flight.

FOUNDED IN 2014, and named one of magculture's favourite magazines of 2015, 
Amuseum is published by Pencil Pusher Graphic Arts in LONDON.




Amuseum Magazine
Studio 34 Coldharbour Studios
26-34 Southwell Road

Editorial Staff

Editor & Creative Director
Dan Stafford

Staff Writer
Dominic Holbrook

Advertising & Partnerships
Adam Park

Design by
Dan Stafford

Published by
Pencil Pusher Graphic Arts Ltd


Alex Walker
Baptiste Alchourroun
Brad W Foster
Jack Cunningham
Dan Stafford
Jonathan Calugi
Kristian Hammerstad
Nadine Redlich
Rami Niemi
Simon Landrein
Tim Lahan
Elliot Kruszynski
Jay Cover
Antony Huchette
Benjamin Marra
Stefan Glerum
Laurie Rollitt
Rob Dunlavey
Frode Skaren
Janne Iivonen


Alice McCann
Ana Carolina Balthazar
Tim Burrows
Desmond Carter
Stanley Deptford
Tom MacDonald
David Ormondroyd
Philip Smith
James Cartwright
Philip Ferrera
Liv Siddall
Rupert Evans-Harding
Naomi Russo
Rachael J Vick
Killian Fox


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